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The I88 Challenge youth soccer tournament is hosted and sponsored by the Oneonta Soccer Club (OSC). The OSC is affiliated with FIFA, USYSA and ENYSYSA. Only teams affiliated with the United States Soccer Federation  (USSF) may participate in the I88 Challenge.

The I88 Challenge is based on the objective of providing the youth within an approximate 2 hour drive of Oneonta the opportunity to acquire and develop skills through a higher level of competition. These skills, as well as the individual growth of players, must be nurtured in an environment which is free of confrontation, poor sportsmanship, and verbal and physical abuse among spectators, game participants and game officials. Not only is this type of behavior contrary to the spirit of the game and examples we are trying to set for the participating youth, it also creates situations which could place the Oneonta Soccer Club (host of the I88 Challenge) in bad standing with ENYYSA thereby threatening the continuation of the event.

All matches shall be officiated by referees who are registered with USSF.


The entry of teams into the I88 Challenge must be accepted by the Tournament Committee whose decision is final. Acceptance and placement of entry may be based upon findings of competitive skills, the risk of injury to the players, previous team history and the best interests of youth soccer.


The I88 Challenge is comprised of age groupings. Each age group shall be separated into a girls and boys conferences.

Divisions within an age group shall be determined by the Tournament Committee in conjunction with participating team coaches.

Age groupings are determined by the player's age as of the beginning of each soccer year. The date that is used is August 1st which immediately precedes the beginning of each season.

Age groupings for the 2014 Tournament

U10 - Born After 7/31/2003
U12 - Born After 7/31/2001
U14 - Born After 7/31/1999
U16 - Born After 7/31/1997
U19 -Born After 7/31/1994          


Team rosters must be:
-           Submitted for day of tournament check in with player/coaching passes
-           Be correctly filled out
-           Have the official state association approved (i.e. NYWYSA, ENYYSA, etc.) paragraph or an Official NSA State stamp, seal or approval.

EXCEPTIONS: U10 Rosters may either have the Official NSA State stamp or seal OR may be signed by the Club Registrar.

The roster limit for U14-U19 shall be 22 players, for U12 is 16 players and U10 is limited to 12 players.

A player may play for more than one team provided the requirements of USSF and the National State Association the player is registered with, for multiple registrations are met. A player cannot play for multiple teams at the same division.

A maximum of three non-players or non-substitutes will be allowed on the team side of the field. Anyone who is not a player on the team MUST have a valid Risk Management pass. Furthermore, there must be one adult (age of 21 years or greater) on the team side of the field the entire time the team that they are with are on the field, including the warm-up time before the match until all of the players leave the field. Any youth coaches on the team side MUST carry a valid Risk Management pass which identifies them as an Under 21 coach.


All players (on teams U12 and above) and ALL coaches MUST have a player's or coach's pass, signed and sealed by the league/district registrar or State Risk Management officer, with a photo that is no more than 2 years old, in order to participate in any I88 Challenge game and/or be on the team sideline. U10 players and substitutes are exempt from this rule. There are no other exceptions to this rule.

NOTE: Adults who are properly on the sideline with the team will be responsible for the actions of all members of the team; including youth coaches. Should an adult coach refuse or be unable to control the actions of his or her team, the game shall be terminated and the adult coach will automatically be penalized for failure to control the bench area. This penalty shall be the same as if the coach had been sent-off (or dismissed) from the match.


Teams will NOT be required to provide performance bonds.


All players must have a valid USSF player pass and must appear on the team's certified roster. If it is discovered that an ineligible player was used, all games the player may have participated in will be deemed as forfeits.


Guest players are NOT encouraged. However, three (3) guest players are allowed per team, provided the team’s home State Association paperwork is complete.


The winning coach and match referee are responsible for signing the report for each match played (in the event of a tie either coach may sign). The match report will consist of the game score, indication of any yellow or red cards and additional comments as deemed appropriate by the Field Marshall.  No scores are kept for  U10 age groupings.


Protests must be presented in writing to the Tournament Headquarters within 30 minutes of completion of the game and must be accompanied by a fee of $100 in cash. Referee judgment will NOT be a basis for protest. Coaches wishing to file a protest shall notify the referee of this intention as soon as possible, but not later than 5 minutes after the conclusion of the game in question. The Protest Committee’s decision is final.


Coaches or managers MUST have in their possession at all games a medical release form for each player.


Each field will have an I88 Challenge representative (Field Marshall), whom will act as a match facilitator. The Field Marshall will provide the ball used for the match, ensure correct teams are participating, obtain verification of the match score (U12 and up), coordinate emergency response for incidents on that field as well as be able to communicate quickly with the Tournament Director.


•           If a player during the game is sent off, they must sit out the remainder of the game (while their team plays short) plus their next game at that level of competition.
•           Strong or vulgar language is punishable for players and coaches with a send off or dismissal.
•           Any person who is sent-off or dismissed can not communicate with anyone at any match from which they are banned using any means, electronic or otherwise.
•           All cautions and send-offs shall be reported to the teams home State Association.


If the I88 Challenge or matches within it are cancelled due to events beyond the control of the Tournament Committee, the Tournament will not be required to make any financial remuneration.


•           If a game is temporarily suspended due to weather problems, field conditions or other situations beyond the tournament’s control, each team involved must check with the Tournament Director for further instructions. In the event of bad weather, it may be necessary for the Tournament Committee to change the length of games or cancel them.
•           The Tournament Director’s interpretation of the foregoing rules/regulations shall be final.
•           The Tournament Director reserve the right to decide on all matters pertaining to the I88 Challenge
•           All matches will be played with Tournament supplied soccer balls.
•           Rosters are frozen at team check-in on day of Tournament.

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